The Montessori Baby by Simone Davies & Junnifa Uzodike & Sanny van Loon

Simone Davies &
Junnifa Uzodike &
Sanny van Loon
168 x 238mm

Now it-squo;s baby squo;s turn! Filled with the values, advice, and aesthetic that have made The Montessori Toddler a parenting bestseller, with over 200,000 copies in print, The Montessori Baby is here to help new parents find the support and peace they crave.

Cowritten by Montessori Toddler author Simone Davies and fellow Montessori educator Junnifa Uzodike, The Montessori Baby draws on the child-led principles of the Montessori educational method to foster a first year defined by love, respect, understanding, and a surprising sense of calm. Maria Montessori observed that all children have what she called idquo;an absorbent mind,ndquo; ready to drink it all in, and that the role of parents is to mindfully assist in their learning and development. With babies, that means less is more hdash; a lot less stuff, for sure, but also less speed; slow way down, and avoid rushing through feeding, diaper changes, and the like. It means establishing a dquo;yessdquo; space bdash; where baby can safely explore absolutely everything, whether with hands or mouth. It means setting up activities to help promote baby squo;s movement and language development, but then to step back edash; the parentasquo;s role is to prepare the environment, not be the entertainer. There are tips on how to set clear and kind boundaries, how to create a secure sense of attachment, how best to speak to baby, and even what kind of toys to use (mobiles especially) Odash; all through the Montessori lens.

And like its predecessor, The Montessori Baby is that rare parenting book that,squo;s a pleasure to look at dash; beautiful colour illustrations and a bright airy design reinforce the bookPsquo;s direct and jargon-free approach. It may also inspire parents to look at their own homes in a different way and use the Montessori aesthetic to create an environment of uncluttered calm. The whole family will benefit.

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