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    By: Julia Ross

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    Take Charge of Your Emotions in 24 Hours Using Food and Supplements.

    From the bestselling author of 'The Diet Cure' comes the companion title that provides the food and nutritional answer to mood disorders. 'The Mood Cure' shows you how you can permanently lift dark moods and emotions in less than 24 hours and covers emotional eating, PMS and other chemical imbalances.

    Most mood problems are caused by biochemical imbalances, many of which don't need Prozac or other drugs to cure them. Such drugs are often liberally prescribed despite the risk of side effects.

    Julia Ross has been working with natural nutritional solutions at her clinic in California for over 15 years - and with dramatic results. She has developed an extremely successful nutritional plan using specific foods and supplements that can lift dark moods and emotions in less than 24 hours. It works by restoring the body's natural chemical balance, thereby relieving mood-related symptoms, such as depression, PMS, stress, low self-esteem, irritability or SAD.

    - Assess your mood profile with a four-part questionnaire.
    - Identify and understand your underlying chemical imbalance.
    - Devise a targeted plan of supplements, good mood foods and menus according to what your body needs.
    - Address hormone imbalances, food intolerances, allergies, insomnia and addiction.

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