The Natural Pharmacist: Everything You Need To Know About Lowering Cholesterol

By: Darin Ingels

Date Released
110 x 178mm

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With the Very Latest Conventional and Natural Health Treatments.

There is now scientific evidence which suggests that garlic, and other natural treatments, help to reduce cholesterol levels. Millions are discovering the healing power of this natural remedy every day.

Find out:
- What cholesterol is and why high cholesterol is a health problem
- How garlic can help reduce high cholesterol
- How to take garlic
- Which other natural treatments can help reduce cholesterol
- And much, much more

It is all here in straightforward language. You'll find a balanced view of both conventional and natural health treatments to help you decide on the best treatment for you.

To make good decisions you need reliable information. This is critical when it concerns your health. The healthcare industry has a moral obligation to ensure that information is medically accurate.

'The Natural Pharmacist' acknowledges this responsibility by offering natural health content that is:
- Scientifically accurate
- Easy to understand
- Independent and unbiased
- Up-to-date
- Balanced - offers both positive and negative findings
- Integrative - includes both conventional and natural treatments
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2002
110 x 178mm

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