The New Health Rules by Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro
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Integrative medicine is about dealing with the whole body, including diet and lifestyle. It’s about embracing Eastern medicine alongside Western, prescribing acupuncture and a cup of lentils instead of painkillers. And Dr. Frank Lipman is the go-to doctor in the field, described in O, The Oprah Magazine as being “at the vanguard of a revolutionary way to deliver medical care.”

In this book, he offers a collection of life-changing guidance in an easily digestible and stylish format. Every page tells you how to be healthier and stronger, and to feel years younger. Readers will come away learning how to meditate to relieve stress, how to get a better night’s sleep, why a daily dose of sun is healthy, and which toxic cosmetics should be avoided at all costs. They will learn all about the health benefits of teas and chocolate, which foods help prevent Alzheimer’s, and how much protein we really need to function, and get armed with an arsenal of recipes to keep them
lean and strong. They will learn to cure headaches with yoga and backaches with self-administered reflexology.
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2015

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