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    By: Joanna Hall

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    Joanna Hall, author of 'Drop A Size In 2 Weeks Flat', offers a special 28-day plan to lose up to 5 inches off your waist. A great alternative to Atkins, Joanna's Carb Curfew method (banning carbs after 5pm) has been hailed as the healthiest, simplest way to diet the low-carb way.

    The healthy, best way to follow a low carb diet and really see the benefit. For all those who have tried Atkins or South Beach and found it difficult, Joanna's Carb Curfew system is fantastic. Joanna Hall presents a day-by-day diet plan specifically designed to help you lose up to 5 inches from your waistline in a month - watch your belly disappear, while your health improves and fitness soars.

    Fat on your stomach is a potential killer (studies have shown that it is the abdomen pot - rather than hip and thigh fat - which is harmful to your health) and Joanna shows how simply using a step counter (stepometer/pedometer) and her quick abs routine will help you lose those 5 inches.

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