The One Minute Manager Balances Work And Life

The One Minute Manager Balances Work And Life by K Blanchard
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196 x 148mm

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The One Minute Manager has become the world's most popular management method. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget one important thing: to look after number one. This book tells the story of a One Minute Manager who is so much in demand that he eats on the run, doesn't take time to exercise, and never puts himself, his family or his well-being top of his list of priorities. He soon discovers that his life is out of balance and that success in business is endangering his health.
For all those busy, achieving people with overcrowded schedules, this useful blueprint shows how to manage stress and keep healthy. By following four important strategies for balancing a complicated life, everyone can get their lives into proper perspective. For the millions of readers of Ken Blanchard's bestselling books, 'The One Minute Manager Balances Work And Life' offers a way to achieve not only a new, healthier style of living but increased productivity as well.
Publication Date:
26 / 10 / 2005
196 x 148mm

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