The Other Woman

The Other Woman by Jane Green

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Number one best-seller Jane Green - author of The Beach House and Mr. Maybe - explores a dilemma that women everywhere will recognise in The Other Woman. Ellie and Dan are proof that opposites attract . . .He always follows instructions: she throws the manual away.
He loves sport: she's allergic to exercise.
She doesn't have a mother: his wants to take over . . . EVERYTHING.At first Ellie is thrilled to have Linda as her 'adopted' mother and to be a part of the close, loving Cooper family. But when she and Dan decide to get married, she starts to wonder: is it normal for mother and son to speak on the phone twice a day? How on earth did they come to be having a reception with big white ribbons everywhere when all she wanted was a quiet registry office do? Is Ellie marrying Dan . . . OR HIS MOTHER?One thing's for sure: before the big day Ellie's going to have to work out who comes first in Dan's affections . . .'Will send a shiver down the spines of brides everywhere' Daily Mirror

'A compelling page-turner from start to finish' Daily Express

'Utterly compulsive' Company
Publication Date:
19 / 05 / 2005

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