The Penguin Of Death

The Penguin Of Death by Edward Monkton
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129 x 164mm

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Things you need to know about 'The Penguin of Death':
He is strangely attractive because of his enigmatic smile
He can kill you in any 1 of 412 different ways

This eccentric addition to the Monkton collection is unusually sinister unlike any of the other titles in the series.

The Penguin softly calls you
From his palace in the snow
Though every sinew holds you back
You know that you must go

And when you've make the journey
'cross the barren icy land
The Penguin simply smiles and says
"I knew you'd understand"

Once you have made the fateful journey to the enigmatic Penguin's snowy palace, he invites you in to share with him a final cup of tea before subjecting you to his ultimate treatment.

You experience both unimagined ecstasy and the strange and beautiful release that is The Penguin's final masterpiece... DEATH BY METHOD 412.

Inspired by Edward Monkton's bestselling and most-pondered card, 'The Penguin of Death' is an epic ballad - a journey to the heart of life... and DEATH.

Edward Monkton's highly collectable series of books continues to delight and perplex tens of thousands of loyal followers. But no other card has brought such a delicious mixture of joy and fear as The Penguin of Death.

Entire websites have been devoted to discovering this deadly assassin's methods. Now, finally, the darkest of them all has been revealed in this stunning book.

Edward Monkton books make stylish gifts - for the home on the coffee table, in the bathroom, in quiet places, and they are perfect for giving to a loved one or for keeping for yourself.
Publication Date:
22 / 11 / 2006
129 x 164mm

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