The Professional Risk Managers' Guide to Financial Markets

The Professional Risk Managers' Guide to Financial Markets by Professional Risk Managers' International (PRMIA)
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In order for risk managers to succeed in today's complex financial landscape, they need a solid understanding of the world's major financial markets, the roles these markets play in the international arena, the risk strategies for each, and the new crop of financial instruments that involve multiple markets. The Professional Risk Managers' Guide to Financial Markets examines how financial risk management takes place in the world's major financial markets. Featuring contributions by financial leaders from around the world, this unique reference helps you to protect investments as it relates to the specifics of each sector, and takes you step-by-step through pertinent markets, including: Money--securities with governments and corporations; and the repo market for borrowing or lending on a secured basis Bond--government, agency, corporate, and municipal bonds; bond markets in major countries; and international bond markets Foreign Exchange--quotation conventions, brokers, cross rates, theories of exchange rates, central bank policies, forward rates, currency swaps Stock--types, market indices, liquidation, dividends, dividend-based stock valuation; primary and secondary markets, market mechanics, and options on stocks Futures--the main exchange-traded markets, options, specifications of contracts, the use of futures for hedging, market-to-market procedures, expiration conventions, and market participants Commodities--the spot market; commodity forwards; futures; delivery and settlement; price term structure; short squeezes; and regulations
Publication Date:
21 / 12 / 2007

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