The Prow Beast

The Prow Beast by Robert Low
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161 x 238mm

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The Oathsworn have become feared and respected throughout the Viking world. Their name goes before them and men cower in their presence. But fame comes at a price... While the Oathsworn revel in their new-found fame, Sterki, an old enemy with revenge in his heart, attacks their homestead - the Fjord Elk is sunk, old oarmates die and the Oathsworn are forced to flee into the mountains. Unused to losing, the Oathsworn retreat to lick their wounds. They have been entrusted with the care of Queen Sigrith, pregnant and soon to bear the heir to the crown of Norway, and much though the urge for revenge is strong, Orms first duty is to protect the queen. And Orm soon realises that revenge is not the only thing on Sterkis mind; has joined forces with Styrbjorn, nephew of King Eirik and next in line to the throne of Norway if he can only get rid of the current heir. As the Oathsworn fight to defend themselves and their newfound celebrity and fortune, theyre soon to realise that fame isnt all its cracked up to be...
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2010
161 x 238mm

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