Perseus Spur by Julian May
Date Released
108 x 177mm

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The First Adventure of the Rampart Worlds.

'I was living in pleasant anonymity under the name of Helmut Icicle, taking smartass spot-divers out on holocam trips around the reefs of Kedge-Lockaby. K-L's a freesoil planet way out in the boondocks. That's why I like it: as a Throwaway, it makes life easier if no one asks nosy questions. Plus, it's fourteen thousand light years away from civilisation: from Rampart Starcorp, from the HQ of the Interstellar Commerce Secretariat (where I used to work), and best of all, my father.

So one minute there I was, subbing around Brillig Reef watching the piscoids finning through the underwater forests, making enough of a living to afford a little rotgut Danaen whiskey now and again; the next thing I know, some giant sea-toad has eaten my house and I'm caught up in a galactic conspiracy!

From gently coaxing an ageing submersible around the shores of K-L to piloting a state-of-the-art Javelin starship in order to execute a perfect hyperspatial microleap out in the comet zone may seem like a big jump: but when it looks as if the future course of human civilisation is under threat, it's a hell of a motivator.

I had a lot of scores to settle: not least finding out who had tried to kill me by death by sea-toad. That's not a nice way to go . . .'

A major new science fiction series - 'The Rampart Worlds' - starts in majestic style with 'Perseus Spur', which delivers everything readers have come to expect from worldwide bestseller Julian May: galactic scope, high adventure, humour, and complex political intrigue in a finely worked balance.
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 1999
108 x 177mm

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