Orion Arm by Julian May
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The Second Adventure of the Rampart Worlds.

The adventure continues . . .

As the deadly struggle between Galapharma AC and Rampart Starcorp continues, Helly, the son of Rampart's boss, must try to resist what will be the most hostile of takeovers. Helly and his band of companions must attempt to capture a crucial witness to the Galapharma conspiracy, who has taken refuge on a hostile planet. Galapharma's insanely ambitious boss, Alistair Drummond, will stop at nothing in his quest for power, and Helly is marked for death as the two corporations continue to do battle.

Meanwhile, the malevolent Haluk follow their own appalling agenda, using human technology obtained from Galapharma to mutate their alien bodies, allowing them to infiltrate and ultimately conquer human society. Helly must find a way to alert the Commonwealth to the Haluk peril, while also protecting his family from Drummond's increasingly desperate efforts to annihilate the Rampart Worlds.
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 1999

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