The Real Life Diet: Eat Your Way To Better Health - How To Enjoy Food And Be Happy

By: Dr Karen Silvers

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152 x 230mm

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We can not avoid food. We need it to survive. But rather than enjoying it, many of us - in the Western world, at least - have a tortured relationship with food. For many it is an ever-increasing struggle to maintain a healthy weight. 'The Real-Life Diet' takes the reader on a journey that reconnects our hearts with the food we eat.

Using an engrossing mixture of science and anecdote, it explores how Western medicine has disrupted our relationship with food, and how many of the conclusions we take for granted today - for instance the benefits of consuming large amounts of foods high in antioxidants to battle the so-called ageing and disease-inducing impacts of 'free radicals' - have little or no basis in scientific fact. In doing so it supplies a fresh understanding of how our bodies work and how we can provide them with the best nutrition possible to give us a long, happy and healthy life.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2007
152 x 230mm

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