The Rhythm Section

The Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell
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152 x 233mm

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Listlessly dependent on drugs and drink, Lisa, the chemical blonde, wants to be herself. But who is she? Too intelligent for her own good, Stephanie is the university drop-out whose life is a spiral of decline. Organised but emotionally numb, Marina is the Swiss consultant to an international pharmaceutical company based in Brussels. As merciless as she is clinical, Petra is the German student anarchist who has become the most feared mercenary terrorist in Europe.

Four completely different women with one thing in common . . . each other. Four people housed in a single body, four minds crushed into one, Stephanie Patrick is no longer sure who she is. The surviving daughter seeking revenge for the destruction of her family? The prostitute who doesn't care whether she lives or dies? The competent executive whose fear of love is almost as strong as her desire to experience it? Or the terrorist tracking an invisible enemy whose character seems increasingly similar to her own?

Recruited and trained, she is plunged into a world where her ability to switch persona keeps her alive. But it is a fragile talent which threatens to disintegrate when she starts to fall in love. All her life, she's survived by being somebody else. Now that she thinks she's found the right man, she wants to be herself but who is she? Does the original Stephanie Patrick exist any longer? And if she does, is Stephanie the one he wants? The right man at the wrong time, the wrong woman most of the time, and four thousand innocent people running out of time . . .
Publication Date:
13 / 10 / 1999
152 x 233mm

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