The Rookie Yearbook Vol. 3 by Tavi Gevinson
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The modern girl is starved for positive messaging in media. She is told that her appearance is what defines her but held to a manufactured (and sometimes dishonestly false) standard of beauty. It is a perpetual no-win state of limbo that leaves her feeling worthless and insecure. So how, in this artificial and toxic atmosphere, can girls become leaders and innovators, proud of who they are and comfortable with how they appear?

Rookie gives voice to girls, encouraging them to speak up, to meet up, to make stuff. It empowers them to submit their stories, ideas and artwork to the site and participate in media ratther than let it control them. There is no 'Photoshop' version of beauty. There are advertisers but Rookie is beholden to no one. There is, however, positivity, support and inspiration - tools that energize girls to express who they are and to dream of who they want to be.

Yearbook Three is the ultimate compendium featuring the best of Rookie from the 2013­ and 2014 years. There will be lots of beautiful art and writing: life lessons, diary entries, discoveries from Literally the Best Thing Ever, DIY projects, playlists, stickers and cutouts, PLUS brand-new, exclusive-to-print contributions from a dizzying array of influential writers, actors, musicians, and artists‹all curated by Rookie¹s extraordinary eighteen-year-old editor, Tavi Gevinson.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2014

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