The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick

By: Jeffrey A. Krames

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Just Published! A dramatic new leadership model from one of twentieth-century America's most accomplished leaders

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is one of today's most recognized public figures, but few people are aware of the astonishing range of his leadership successes over the past four decades. Whether directing battles in the mountains of Afghanistan or guiding multibillion-dollar corporations through troubled waters, Rumsfeld has carved out a position among the most remarkable leaders of our time.

The Rumsfeld Way explores Rumsfeld's skills, methods, and strategies through the prism of his own words and accomplishments, and arrives at a leadership model that is distinctive, powerful, and proven effective under unprecedented duress. Both a stunning addition to today's business library and an excellent read, The Rumsfeld Way outlines a step-by-step model for success in any field and writes a new chapter in the literature of leadership.
Publication Date:
17 / 04 / 2002

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