The Savvy Mom's Book of Legal Forms to Protect Your Family

The Savvy Mom's Book of Legal Forms to Protect Your Family by Cliff Roberson
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Protect your home & family

with more than 100 ready-to-use legal forms

With The Savvy Mom's Book of Legal Forms, protecting your family and property has never been easier. Based on his more than twenty-year career as a lawyer, Cliff Roberson gives you more than 100 customizable forms for dealing with common legal issues that affect the average family and provides detailed guidance on using them correctly.

Every document has been reviewed by an attorney to guarantee it does what it's supposed to do. Plus, a CD-ROM with extra resources and a handy legal glossary make sure you can handle almost any issue that comes your way.

Legal forms cover:

Family protection

Medical and financial protection

Identity theft protection

Residential rental property agreements

Home protection

Hiring independent contractors

Pet protection

Insurance and estate planning
Publication Date:
13 / 04 / 2007

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