The Secret Lives of Men: What Men Want You to Know About Love, Sex, and Relationships

The Secret Lives of Men: What Men Want You to Know About Love, Sex, and Relationships by Christopher Blazina
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225 x 150mm
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Christopher Blazina‚ Ph.D.‚ reveals a groundbreaking truth about the secret lives of men: Although they have been taught to distance themselves from vulnerability or hide emotional aspects of their psyche‚ men really do want to be understood and come out of the shadows of the fear that binds them.

The Secret Lives of Men shows readers how to assist in making a healthy emotional life for males a reality.

The Secret Lives of Men explores this condition‚ revealing the 'Ten Commandments for Growing Up Male' that govern every man's life. Dr. Blazina shows readers how to become a 'guardian' for their loved ones‚ helping them to define who they really are as men.

Dr. Blazina offers an exploration‚ explanation‚ and clarification into the hidden realm of the male psyche.

What men wish women knew about their emotions‚ thoughts‚ and points of view

What men value‚ how they communicate‚ and whom they love

How important occurrences from childhood shape men's attitudes‚ goals‚ and relationships

How some of their struggles get recycled in adulthood‚ affecting work and love

What a man can do to make peace with his past

The most effective way to communicate with and offer feedback to men

The Secret Lives of Men includes:

-- Relationship Red Zones: tough emotional situations that need to be handled with care‚ including their triggers‚ their origins‚ and specific ways to address each

-- Toolbox Tips: practical exercises that help readers sort through difficult issues-from sex and aggression and the Peter Pan Man to the male mind-body connection and expectations about work‚ love‚ and family

-- Wakeup Calls: specific warning signs that point to bigger problems‚ including childhood issues‚ or an inability to let go of the past and grow up

Readers‚ especially‚ women‚ will discover that what they learn about men in this book will affect them at various levels in understanding their husbands and partners‚ fathers‚ and sons.
Publication Date:
02 / 02 / 2009
225 x 150mm

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