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    By: Katherine Roberts

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    This is the third magical book in the exciting new series 'The Seven Fabulous Wonders'. Based on the seven ancient wonders of the world, Katherine Roberts weaves an enticing web - where the ancient world meets pure fantasy.

    The power of the legendary starstones can ward off death . . .

    When King Philip of Macedon invites Lysippe's tribe of exiled Amazon warriors to join his army, they ride west eagerly, hoping to reclaim one of the lost starstones of their ancestors. But others covet the power of the stones, and the invitation is not all it seems.

    Separated from her tribe and taken to Ephesos as a slave, soft-hearted Lysippe has to find the starstone that can save her near fatally wounded sister. Can Lysippe learn the necessary ancient Amazon skills in time? And what is the secret of the griffins that guard the statue of Artemis in the famous Temple?

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