Silver Brumbies Of The South

Silver Brumbies Of The South by Elyne Mitchell
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Silver Brumbies of the South is the third book in the original series about The Silver Brumby. Thowra, the most beautiful brumby stallion ever to gallop across the great Main Range, is disturbed by men bringing machinery and noise to the area of the mountains which he roams. Storm also has been uneasy and has taken his mares and sons further south. When they meet they decide to take the restless two year olds, Lightning and Baringa, further to the south where they will have to fight for a place with the herds already there. Lightning and Baringa become competitors; Lightning always trying to steal Baringa's mares. Baringa saves Lightning three times and each time he knows he will have to fight Lightning again next spring! But Baringa becomes the acknowledged Silver Brumby of the South.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2000

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