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    The Stranger In The Mirror: Dissociation

    By: Marlene Steinberg & Maxine Schnall

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    Dissociation - the Secret Epidemic of our Time

    Dissociation - the fragmentation of consciousness involving feelings of unreality and amnesia - is a misunderstood condition that affects 35 million people globally. Since dissociation can be a person's standard response to trauma, its symptoms are a common reaction to such life-threatening events as a car accident, or such intense, lasting traumas as rape. Apart from post-traumatic reactions, dissociative experiences are often elusive and rarely reported to therapists.

    This book not only debunks the many myths surrounding dissociation, but also offers some startling revelations: normal people experience dissociative symptoms in everyday life, and dissociation is as widespread as anxiety and depression. Filled with fascinating case histories, this breakthrough book makes constructive help about dissociation available to the lay public, providing readers with invaluable guidelines for assessing dissociative symptoms and disorders as well as for treatment and recovery.

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