The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris
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153 x 234mm
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The incredible story of the Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist and the woman he loved.

Lale Sokolov is well-dressed, a charmer, a ladies' man. He is also a Jew. On the first transport of men from Slovakia to Auschwitz in 1942, Lale immediately stands out to his fellow prisoners. In the camp, he is looked up to, looked out for, and put to work in the privileged position of Tetovierer - the tattooist - to mark his fellow prisoners, forever.

One of them is a young woman, Gita who steals his heart at first glance. His life given new purpose, Lale does his best through the struggle and suffering to use his position for good.

This story, full of beauty and hope, is based on years of interviews author Heather Morris conducted with real-life Holocaust survivor and Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist Ludwig (Lale) Sokolov. It is heart-wrenching, illuminating, and unforgettable.

'Morris climbs into the dark miasma of war and emerges with an extraordinary tale of the power of love' ? Leah Kaminsky
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2018
153 x 234mm
A love story set in the most harrowing of circumstances. Based on a true story, Ludwig (Lale) Sokolov is the Tatowierer of Auschwitz. There he meets a young woman who steals his heart. Showing that love and determination can conquer all that life can throw at you. - Shirley (QBD)
, 18/05/2018
Gut-wrenching and heart-warming all at the same time, this book shows so much love and compassion in the face of brutality during the darkest time in human history. A book that will have you invested from the outset. If ever there was a story of hope to come out of Auschwitz or Birkenau, this is it. I believe absoutely everyone should read about Lale and his Gita. - Rosie (QBD)
, 16/05/2018
An emotionally gripping story proving that love can help you through hell on earth. This spectacularly written novel, based on a true story, brings the reader a wide range of emotions (fear, forlorn, happiness, sadness, homour and angst) in a time when the world was upside down. Lale and Gita manged to prove their world that their strength and compassion made the impossible possible. I could not put this book down and was pleasently suprised at the perspective and magnification of the positive in a negative time. - Taryn (QBD)
, 30/04/2018
Set in the harshest of environments, this is a story of love and hope. A beautiful reminder of the strength of the human spirit to survive in even the darkest of times. - Jessalyn (QBD)
, 11/04/2018
The years that Lale spent at Auschwitz are detailed in this moving account based on a true story. This is the most beautiful love story, encased in history's most devestating atrocity. Bringing the horrors of the concentration camp to light in a new way, the story of Lale and Gita is beautiful and heartbreaking. Lale's efforts risking his own life to feed fellow prisoners will move you deeply, and inspire you. A lesson in humanity from one of the places in the world most lacking in it. - Coreena (QBD)
, 06/03/2018
The Tattooist of Auschwitz is one of those books that stays with you, coming up from your memory in the small, dark hours and poking the parts of your mind that remind you that human beings can be capable of incredible cruelty and of enduring love. It's the story of Lale Sokolov, a 24 year old Slovakian living the high life in the years before World War II. Lale has everything - the clothes, the charm and the women, - but it is all left behind when he is taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Determined to survive, Lale takes a position as the Tatowierer, the man responsible for inking the numbers into the skin of new arrivals, and while doing so he meets Gita, a beautiful young Jewish woman Lale knows he is destined to be with. The book is written simply, almost like a diary, which shields the reader from a certain amount of the horror Lale and Gita live through imprisoned in the work camp. Lale wheels and deals whenever he can, gaining extra food for Gita and his friends, but they are still all at the mercy of illness, malnutrition and the malevolence of the SS guards. The threat of the gas chambers and the giant crematoriums provide a dark background to the story. Based on a true story, the book is an accurate resprentation of life in the death camps under Hitler's regime, and a timely reminder of what happens when power is corrupted. I came away from this book with a sense of outrage and desolation, despite the happy ending - it's not a nice book, but it's written with grace and compassion and I can't recommend it highly enough. - Shannon (QBD)
, 14/02/2018
"The Tattooist of Auschwitz" was a truly and an utterly unputdownable story. It is a story that will leave an impression on you that is unforgettable. A beautifully sad story that you will continue to think about long after you have put the book down. Lale Sokolov on arrival at the camp in Auschwitz in 1942 he is put to work in the privileged position of the tattooist, where it is his job to mark his fellow prisoners as they arrive in camp. A girl called Gita arrives at the camp and he finds himself captured and his heart ensnared immediately by her. As it took several years for the author Heather Morris to write Lale's story. Writing a story where it is set in and thorugh one of the worst and horrifying periods of our history, that is also true, is quiet a hard thing to do especially for the people that are involved. She has written it with the care, compassion, sensitivity and consideration that was needed for a story like this and I feel that she has done an amazing job. It makes me wondering what other stories that haven't been told. I usually don't read these stories fiction or non-fiction as I am not one for a sad story, one that rips your heart out and stomps on it, but also leaves you smiling at the small happy moments. I am glad that I decided to read this and see the beauty of the love that these two shared and all that they overcame. "Life is only worth living if you have someone to share the beauty and joy of it with." - Cassandra (QBD)
, 09/02/2018
Haether Morris's talel of the life and love of Lale Sokolov is an amazing tribute to the power of love. The characters seem to be with you in the room, softly telling you their story. At times confronting in it's setting and events, this is countered by the love that the main charaters have for each other. Lale's story is on that would be utterly heartbreaking except for the presence of Gita. This is one love story that everyone should read. It reminds the reader that no matter what the situation love can shine. The story is made even more incredible , when you take in the horrific events that are going on around the two characters. Heather shows a real gift by never leting the reader be overwhelmed by the setting. One of the most moving tales I've read in a long time. Bravo! - Steven (QBD)
, 28/01/2018

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