The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf

The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf by Robert Winters
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Ten easy-to-follow principles for improving the mental aspect of every golfer's game

"The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf by Dr. Robert Winters will help you play and score better. His consise message on how to apply oneself mentally . . . has helped an enormous number of players of all levels." --David Leadbetter, from the Foreword

Golf is a mental game, and to play well requires great concentration, focus, and emotional control. In The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf readers will learn basic, proven strategies to help improve their attitudes--and their scores. A few of the books commandments are:

Thou shalt have a great attitude

Thou shalt always believe in thyself

Thou shalt play one shot at a time

Here he carefully guides readers through his time-tested action plan for success, providing personal workbook assignments and key-point summaries to heighten the learning experience. This unique guide will help players at every level develop the emotional toughness necessary to win the mental game.
Publication Date:
22 / 04 / 2004

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