The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble: The Coming Deficit Debacle and How to Invest Now

The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble: The Coming Deficit Debacle and How to Invest Now by Russ Koesterich
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The next economic storm and how to prepare for it--from a top decision-maker at BlackRock

An economic calamity is already looming on the horizon, and it's going hit the U.S. on a scale equal to the recent mortgage meltdown and liquidity crisis of 2008-2009. In February, President Obama announced that the 2010 budget deficit would surpass $1.5 trillion, an amount greater than the total debt of our nation in its first 200 years of its existence. And things only get worse from here: between 2010 and 2019, America will add one trillion of additional debt every year.

In The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble, Russ Koesterich, who manages over $100 billion for the world's largest money management company, offers compelling evidence supporting his prediction that the global economy is on the verge of more, even greater upheaval and provides his unique insight into:

The structural weaknesses underlying the economic meltdown

Why commodities will be so important in the next economic climate

Likely ramifications to the real estate market

The best stocks to buy and which ones to avoid

Today's investing strategies will be rendered useless in the next storm's wake. Written by one of the most qualified people in the business, The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble offers a plan for protecting your wealth and preserving the power of your savings.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Why Worry About the Deficit?

Chapter 2. Why the Deficit Will matter to You

Chapter 3. What to Watch

Chapter 4. How to Manage Your Cash and Debts

Chapter 5. Investing in Bonds in a Rising Rate Environment

Chapter 6. Stocks to Buy and Avoid

Chapter 7. Why You May Need Commodities

Chapter 8. What to do with Real Estate

Chapter 9. Putting it All Together

Chapter 10. Conclusion: Can We avoid the budget debacle?
Publication Date:
15 / 04 / 2011

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