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    By: Hugh Bowden

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    A Modern Approach to the Ancient World.

    From the first stirrings of organised society in the Middle East through to the collapse of the Aztec and Inca cultures in America, an authoritative text and lavish maps and pictures truly bring the ancient world to life. 'The Times Ancient Civilizations' is a richly illustrated, beautifully mapped and compellingly written treatment of the societies which from which we inherit the basis of our own way of life.

    The book's coverage is truly global: Egyptians, Hittites, Assyrians, Romans, the Shang, the T'ang, the Chou, Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs, Incas, the cultures of Africa and the Americas. All are examined in this radical reassessment of the ancient world, written by a team of leading young historians.

    With 80 maps and 250 pictures, the book is a visual feast which brings to life the grandeur of Rome, the splendour of ancient Persia and the mysteries of the Mayans. For anyone with an interest in the history, society, politics, warfare and culture of the ancient world or simply a delight in a beautifully conceived visual treatment of history, 'The Times Ancient Civilizations' is essential reading.

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