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    Some call him a terrorist. Others call him a vigilante hero. Dressed in a carbon-filament body suit that can instantly harden into stronger-than-steel protective armour, a mysterious figure the public has dubbed the Tin Man roams the urban landscape of Sacramento, California, on a search-and-destroy mission. While some want him dead and others want him decorated, only a handful of people know the truth of who he is: Patrick McLanahan, the nation's most heroic aerial warrior, now retired, who for fifteen years risked his life for his country in the U S military.

    He is the civilian director of scientific development for a high-tech company specialising in strategic devices for the armed forces - his workplace the laboratory, not the cockpit. But when his rookie cop brother is injured in a shootout following a bank robbery, McLanahan becomes a one-man army. The enemy is within, on the streets of his own country, and he is the avenger. His targets are international terrorist turned drug lord Gregory Townsend and his Aryan Brigade, which are masterminding the violence taking over the city.

    Townsend and Brigade, out to destroy government authority in pursuit of their racist ideology, fear nothing. But here's one thing they haven't counted on. The Tin Man.

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