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    By: Andrew Murray

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    Revised Edition with 1,300 Questions and Answers.

    A revised and expanded reissue containing over 1,200 brain-teasing questions on the powerful works of JRR Tolkien, published to coincide with the release of the third and final 'Lord Of The Rings' movie.

    Questions include:
    - How many hobbits joined the Fellowship of the Ring?
    - What colour is the Orcs' skin?
    - Why did Gandalf have difficulty in opening the West-door of Khazad-dum?
    - Who betrayed Beren and Luthien to Thingol?
    - What was Farmer Giles' full name?

    The worlds of JRR Tolkien, from the saga of Middle-earth to a brief visit to Wootton Major, are so rich and varied that they inspire legions of followers of different ages.

    This peerless revised and expanded quiz book offers over 1,200 questions and answers, including easy starter questions and more difficult tie-breakers, to test the range and depth of the buff's knowledge. And whereas every right answer will confirm their mastery over their subject, every wrong answer will be a learning experience all of its own!

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