The Truth About Diamonds: A Novel

The Truth About Diamonds: A Novel by Nicole Richie
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197 x 130mm

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An electrifying first novel which tells the story of Chloe Parker, rock royalty princess and member of Hollywood's inner circle. A no-holds-barred look at Hollywood's new celebrity elite, told by an inside A-lister.

At the age of seven, Chloe was adopted by a music superstar and his wife, transforming her life from rags to riches. What followed was a wild childhood distinguished by parties with movie stars and rock idols, run-ins with the press and the police, and a subsequent stint in rehab.

Then Chloe shots to instant fame as a spokes model for a national ad campaign. When her long-lost birth father appears out of nowhere and her best friend betrays her, she must struggle to keep it all together -- her sobriety, her friendships, and her integrity -- despite the betrayals of those around her. Ultimately, Chloe comes spectacularly into her own, achieving stardom in her own right and finding true love.
Publication Date:
02 / 07 / 2007
197 x 130mm

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