The Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist For Small and Medium Businesses

The Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist For Small and Medium Businesses by Lauren Dugan
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With over 175,000,000 users, LinkedIn is the social business network: the web’s best place to leverage your entire network of partners, suppliers, employees, vendors, and competitors. By establishing a strong LinkedIn presence, you can deepen your links with your current network – and tap into their networks, too, discovering talent, partnerships, and potential vendors you’ll never find any other way.   The Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist for Small and Medium Businesses will help you do all that, and more. The only LinkedIn tutorial specifically for small-to-midsized businesses, it walks you through every step of building a LinkedIn presence that builds your bottom line. Lauren Dugan shows how to:   Set up a Profile and Company Page that demonstrates all the value you offer Make your Profile search-friendly Leverage Careers and Products tabs to the fullest Develop a practical content strategy to keep your page active Use LinkedIn Ads to drive even more business And much more   Every section of this eBook begins with an easy-to-use checklist bringing together every action you need to take. Just skim the checklist, read the drill-down information that follows, and then return to the checklist to implement what you’ve just read. This eBook concludes with a complete Master Checklist: print it out and use it as your step-by-step guide, as you transform LinkedIn from “opportunity” to “profit center”!  
Publication Date:
18 / 12 / 2012

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