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    By: Evelyn Tribole

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    Live longer, better, and healthier with omega-3s!

    The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet is the first book to offer simple, practical steps for striking the proper balance between miraculous omega-3 fats and the less-healthy omega-6 fats to get the most out of your diet. Armed with the practical information in The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet, you'll be able to:

    Discover delicious omega-3-rich foods that are right in your supermarket

    Cook mouthwatering meals using the 40 included recipes and meal plans

    Navigate the often-confusing supplements aisle

    Read food labels to identify hidden omega-6 fats found in many foods

    Pack in omega-3s even when eating out

    Learn the omega-3 and omega-6 content of more than 900 foods

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