The Ultimate Spanish Verb Review and Practice, Second Edition

The Ultimate Spanish Verb Review and Practice, Second Edition by Ronni Gordon, David Stillman
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Master the essential building blocks of Spanish-language fluency with facilidad

The Ultimate Spanish Verb Review and Practice is your key to acquiring enhanced skills on the road to Spanish fluency. More than just another Spanish verb guide, it provides you with a concise review of verb forms and extensive practice in using verbs in context. With this knowledge in your tool kit, you will be able to construct authentic Spanish sentences with increased confidence.

As you work through a series of increasingly demanding exercises, you’ll quickly build your mastery of the Spanish sentence--from simple subject-plus-verb sentences to more sophisticated ones, including conditional and compound sentences. This second edition is enhanced with new review exercises, accompanied by online audio available free on McGraw-Hill's unique Audio Study Player. These bonus elements help build your confidence in using Spanish verbs effectively in key sentence structures.

The ideal resource for advanced beginners through advanced learners of Spanish, The Ultimate Spanish Verb Review and Practice gives you:

Numerous examples of how Spanish verbs and sentence structures work in everyday language

Exercises in a variety of formats, including sentence completion, sentence building, dialogue writing, translation, verb-form replacement, and more

Hundreds of verbs listed in both structural and semantic groupings

Up-to-the-minute coverage of contemporary Spanish, including computer and technology verbs

Dozens of clear, concise, at-a-glance charts and tables
Publication Date:
11 / 09 / 2012

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