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    The United States Of Europe

    By: Tom R Reid

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    From The Euro To Eurovision . . . The Superpower Nobody Talks About.

    How did Europe become a superpower while America wasn't paying attention? Here, American journalist T R Reid takes an enlightening tour of the 'United States of Europe' - the borderless collection of countries with more people and wealth than America.

    With his trademark wit and wisdom he explains the often-bewildering ins and outs of the European Union and the culture its nations have come to share - from the common pastime of America bashing and the kitsch joys of the Eurovision Song Contest to the skyrocketing success of the Euro, trouncing the once-mighty dollar in strength. And he tells many individual stories of this drama, including the astonishing takeover of all-American products by European companies, the English greengrocer who became a 'Metric Martyr' and of the new breed of twenty and thirty-somethings known as 'Generation E'.

    Essential for readers on both sides of the Atlantic, 'The United States Of Europe' is an insightful and entertaining guide to a New Europe that now makes the world's rules, whether America likes it or not . . .

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