The Victim's Fortune: Inside The Epic Battle Over The Debts Of The Holocaust

The Victim's Fortune: Inside The Epic Battle Over The Debts Of The Holocaust by John Authers & Richard Wolffe
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135 x 210mm

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An extraordinary behind-the-scenes story of what went wrong in the fight for compensation of Holocaust survivors.

Half a century after World War Two, a small group of Americans launched a campaign to confront the world with the fact that many assets looted by the Nazis had never been returned to their owners. They wanted to write the final chapter in the story of the Holocaust's survivors, most of whom were nearing death and wanted recognition of the debt they were owed.

Backed by class action lawsuits and threats of economic sanctions, a disparate group of lawyers, politicians, and Jewish advocacy groups mounted an enormous challenge against some of the world's largest corporations and governments to demand what they felt was due.

After several years, they won a historic settlement of $5 billion in reparations. But what began as a moral crusade had degenerated into a bare-knuckled battle that opened up painful debates across the world and within the Jewish community over justice and how to achieve it.

'The Victim's Fortune' offers a spellbinding investigative account of this international struggle - an extraordinary political drama which unfolds against the backdrop of the twentieth century's most devastating crime.
Publication Date:
27 / 08 / 2003
135 x 210mm

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