The Victoria System

The Victoria System by Eric Reinhardt
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David Kolski lives by a rule: apart from his wife, he never sleeps with the same woman twice.

Then he meets Victoria. Head of people at a multinational company, by day she is a ruthless executive in a lightning-paced, high-pressured whirlwind of power and productivity. By night she likes good wine, luxurious hotel rooms - and sex.

David is soon addicted. Under crushing pressure at work to oversee the construction of a huge Paris tower-block, he takes new vigour and inspiration from his hard-headed capitalist lover. He works harder, faster and better, and then escapes to enjoy sexual experiences more intense than he's ever known before.

But when Victoria offers to use her position to help him in his career, a dark shadow falls over their affair. Is she really capable of helping anyone other than herself, or is she hiding something from him? And who are the two men in the Audi he keeps seeing, always a few cars behind him?

Part erotica, part thriller, part novel of ideas, The Victoria System is an ambitiously structured story of an obsession. Like a series of slightly angled mirrors held up to our globalised, capitalist society, its twists and turns create a dazzling interplay of reflections and perceptions, compelling us to question the assumptions and forces of our modern world.
Publication Date:
02 / 09 / 2013

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