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    The Virginia Monologues: Why Growing Old is Great

    By: Virginia Ironside

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    Getting old?
    Get over it!

    For too long those in short skirts have been telling us oldies we don't matter: 'you're out of touch! Get out of the way, grandma! The next generation is coming through.'

    Well, enough is enough.

    Because getting old is great. For a start you no longer need to care what anyone thinks. You can let – if you've got any left – your hair down. No one will tell you off for grumbling. And no one minds if you forget (or pretend to forget) who you're talking to. Being rude has never been so easy – or liberating. And that's not all you can get away with now that you've seen it all (and done most of it) . . .

    Let Virginia Ironside take you through the top twenty reasons why getting old is good for you – and let the young and dumb keep their callow youth!

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