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    By: Stefan Bachmann

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    The Whatnot
    In the Whatnot, it features three main characters. Hettie, her brother Bartholomew and Pikey. Pikey Thomas doesn't know how or why he can see the changeling girl. But there she is. Shes pale and small, and she has branches growing out of her head. her name is Henrietta kettle. Pikey's vision,it turns out,is worth something. Worth something to Henrietta's brother. Worth something to the nobleman that protects him. And Pikey will do almost anything to escape his past to find a life worth living... Pikey has one clouded eye, that he covers. Hettie got kidnapped by the Sly King and Bartholomew is determined to find her along with Pikey's help.I would definitely recommend this book to readers that enjoys crime and mystery books. Reviewed By Rhianna Cristiano
    QBD, 31/07/2014

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