The Wire In The Blood

The Wire In The Blood by Val McDermid
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111 x 178mm

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Young girls are disappearing around the country, and there is nothing to connect them to one another, let alone the killer whose charming manner hides a warped and sick mind.

Nobody gets inside the messy heads of serial killers like Dr Tony Hill. Now heading up a National Profiling Task Force, he sets his team an exercise: they are given the details of missing teenagers and asked to discover whether there is a sinister link between any of the cases. Only one officer, Shaz Bowman, comes up with a concrete theory - a theory that is ridiculed by the group . . . until one of their number is murdered and mutilated.

Could Bowman's outrageous suspicion possibly be true? For Tony Hill, the murder of one of his team becomes a matter of personal revenge, and, joined again by colleague Carol Jordan, he embarks on a campaign of psychological terrorism - a game where hunter and hunted can all too easily be reversed.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2002
111 x 178mm

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