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    The Wizard: A Secret History

    By: Alan Baker

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    Wizards have always been powerful iconic figures, whether as Neolithic Shamans, robed Druids, Renaissance mystics or twentieth-century occultists. 'The Wizard' takes a look at their history, and the broader world of our fascination with the supernatural.

    It's a history full of incredible characters: Paracelsus the Alchemist, a major influence on 'Frankenstein'; Dr John Dee, the Elizabethan mathematician who talked to angels; Merlin, a key figure of Celtic mythology who later inspired Gandalf; and Aleister Crowley, the self-styled 'wickedest man alive'.

    But 'The Wizard' also provides an insight into the practical uses of magic, showing how spells, sigils and talismans are thought to work, as well as covering the origins of secret magical societies and their missions.

    So whether you have a serious interest in magic, or just fancy yourself in a point hat, 'The Wizard' will entertain with its wealth of mystical information.

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