The Yule Lord by Gerald Brom
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234 x 153mm
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Christmas is for giving, for sharing, and for spending time with loved ones. Santa Claus... Santa Claus... Santa Claus.

For Jessie it's about spending time with his little girl, even though his ex-wife is trying to move on. Even though he's living in a beat-up trailer and running drugs for money. How vile your name upon my tongue. Like acid, hard to utter without spitting. Yet I find myself capable of speaking little else. It has become my malediction, my profane mantra.

He can't even afford to buy his daughter a birthday present. This Christmas isn't looking very merry at all.
You have sung your last ho, ho, ho, for I am coming for your head. For Odin, Loki, and all the fallen gods, for your treachery, for chaining me in this pit for five hundred years. But most of all I am coming to take back what is mine, to take back Yuletide.

But when Jesse witnesses a heavily-set man in a sleigh being attacked by a gang of feral men, his life is thrown into chaos. Time is running out and he might have to make a pact with a devil if he's going to have any chance of saving his daughter, his family and even his life...
Publication Date:
03 / 12 / 2012
234 x 153mm

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