Theology of Transformation: Faith, Freedom, and the Christian Act

Theology of Transformation: Faith, Freedom, and the Christian Act by Oliver Davies

By: Oliver Davies

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Significant advances in science bring new understandings of the human as a unity of mind, body and world and calls into question the deep-seated dualistic presuppositions of modern theology. Oliver Davies argues that the changing framework allows a return to the defining question of the Easter Church: Where is Jesus Christ?. This is a question which can bring about a fundamental re-orientation of theology, since it gives space for the theological reception of thedisruptive presence of the living Christ as the present material as well as formal object of theology in the world. At the centre of this study therefore is a new theology of the doctrine of the exaltation of Christ, based upon St Pauls encounter with the exalted or commissioning Christ on the roadto Damascus. This places calling and commissioning at the centre of systematic theology. It provides the ground for a new understanding of theology as transcending the Academy-Church division as well as the divide between systematic and practical theology. It points also to a new critical theological method of engagement and collaboration.This book begins to explore new forms of world-centred theological rationality in the contexts not only of scripture, doctrine, anthropology, ecclesiology and faith, but also of Christian politics and philosophy. It is a work of contemporary and global Christological promise in Fundamental Theology, and is addressed to all those who are concerned, from whichever denomination, with the continuing vitality of Christianity in a changing world.
Publication Date:
14 / 11 / 2013

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