Therapeutic Strategies in Cancer Biology and Pathology

Therapeutic Strategies in Cancer Biology and Pathology by Gajanan V. Sherbet

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Currently, intensive effort is being directed toward the identification of molecular targets that can provide approaches to the development of novel therapeutic strategies in cancer management. This book focuses on metastasis-associated genes, metastasis promoter and suppressor genes, which relate specifically to behavioral alterations of cancer cells in epithelial mesenchymal transition, cancer stem cell maintenance and propagation, and to the acquisition of invasive and metastasis faculty. The function of these genes has implications for cell cycle regulation and cell proliferation and so constitute an essential element in cancer growth and dissemination. The emphasis in this book is on how appropriate these genes are as molecular targets and how practicable are the constituents of their signal transduction systems as potential candidates and how accessible they are to targeted therapy. Written in a straightforward and clear style with background information supporting the new research, this book will be useful for students and researchers in cancer therapies.Identifies molecular targets and their accessibility for therapeutic interventionProvides information on biological features of tumor development and dissemination Background information provided for each topic
Publication Date:
26 / 07 / 2013

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