Thermal Science by Erian A. Baskharone

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A practical, illustrated guide to thermal science

A practical, illustrated guide to thermal science Written by a subject-matter expert with many years of academic and industrial experience, Thermal Science provides detailed yet concise coverage of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. The laws of thermodynamics are discussed with emphasis on their real-world applications.

This comprehensive resource clearly presents the flow-governing equations of fluid mechanics, including those of mass, linear momentum, and energy conservation. Flow behavior through turbomachinery components is also addressed. The three modes of heat transfer--conduction, convection, and radiation--are described along with practical applications of each.

Thermal Science covers:

Properties of pure substances and ideal gases

First and second laws of thermodynamics

Energy conversion by cycles

Power-absorbing cycles

Gas power cycles

Flow-governing equations

External and internal flow structures

Rotating machinery fluid mechanics

Variable-geometry turbomachinery stages

Prandtl-Meyer flow

Internal flow, friction, and pressure drop

Fanno flow process for a viscous flow field

Rayleigh flow

Heat conduction and convection

Heat exchangers

Transfer by radiation

Instructor material available for download from companion website
Publication Date:
17 / 07 / 2012

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