Thinking Parent, Thinking Child

Thinking Parent, Thinking Child by Myrna Shure
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You've tried everything you can think of, but nothing you do seems to have any effect on your child's chronic procrastinating. The school called again to complain that your daughter is still bullying the other kids in her class, and you don't know how to make her stop without becoming a bully yourself. Your son explodes in anger if he loses at anything--­­sports or even fun family games. And your kids constantly argue with each other and with you. If you're looking for a different way to handle problems like these, this book is for you. Written by internationally acclaimed parenting author Dr. Myrna Shure, Thinking Parent, Thinking Child arms you with powerful techniques for dealing with these and dozens of other issues confronting today's parents.

In her national bestseller Raising a Thinking Child, Dr. Shure introduced parents to her original "I Can Problem Solve" approach to teaching children the critical thinking skills they need to solve problems on their own. Now, in Thinking Parent, Thinking Child, she shows how to apply "I Can Problem Solve" techniques to the top concerns of parents and children from preschoolers through those in their preteen years. Not only will children learn to think about their own and others' feelings, they'll also learn to appreciate that you have feelings, too. You'll see how weighing your options before responding to your children will inspire them to weigh their options. As you reflect on your own behavior toward your children, you may wonder, "Is time-out really useful?" or "Will spanking help or hurt?" And just as you want your child to listen to you, you'll find yourself asking, "Am I really listening to him?"

The important lessons presented in this book go far beyond how to manage or control specific problems. Instead, you'll be able to help your child find her own best solutions to problems--ranging from getting her homework done to test anxiety to teasing to being teased to peer pressure.

Thinking Parent, Thinking Child gives you tools to help your kids become less aggressive, inhibited, and fearful, and more cooperative, empathic, and better able to handle life's frustrations and disappointments.
Publication Date:
21 / 09 / 2004

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