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    Thorsons First Directions: Breathwork

    By: Swami Ambikananda Saraswati

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    'First Directions' - an inspirational source of information, insights and practical techniques to change your life.

    Breathwork is a system that brings physical healing, emotional release and spiritual development through working with breath. This book explains how an understanding of breathing techniques can be applied to a number of therapeutic treatments for mind and body.

    When we breathe freely and easily our respirator and circulatory systems distribute life giving oxygen through the body. At times of stress, however, our bodies tense up - inhibiting circulation and reducing the size of each breath. As a result the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood is altered for the worse. Energy levels plummet and a cycle of stress/lethargy becomes the norm.

    This book looks at how complimentary therapies such as Yoga, Alexander Technique, Bioenergetics and ancient traditional medicines understand the importance of breath and breathing. Also included are explanations for:
    - How breathing works
    - Breathing and the mind
    - How breathing techniques can heal pain and disease
    - How simple breathing exercises can revitalise and energise

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