Tiger Woods: A Biography

Tiger Woods: A Biography by Lawrence J. Londino

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While golf is seldom thought of as a sport for minorities, Tiger Woods has made the sport appeal to a whole new demographic. When only a teenager, Woods accomplished many junior records in golf and enjoyed unusual attention for a young person. While not yet thirty years old, Woods' impact on American culture goes beyond the world of sports. And his celebrity status has made him probably the most recognized known athlete in the world.The opportunity that Woods got to display his talents were hard won by early African-American pioneers who were denied the right to play on the PGA Tour until 1961. This biography describes the life of a child prodigy who has so far lived up to his potential. It includes information on his early life, the influence of his parents, and the relationship between celebrity and the media. A timeline is included highlighting significant events in his life, along with a bibliography of print and electronic sources.
Publication Date:
30 / 11 / 2005

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