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    By: Cynthia Voigt

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    This is the sixth book in Cynthia Voigt's acclaimed Tillerman series, about Dicey Tillerman and her family, where Dicey's brothers Sam and James hunt for their father.

    "Do you ever wonder about our father?" James said to Sammy one day when they were bailing the boat.
    "Cripes, no," said Sammy. "Why would I wonder about him?"

    Six years have passed since James and Sammy Tillerman came to live with their grandmother. It's time to ask a few questions. Who was their father? Why did he leave? And is it too late to find him? James and Sammy's search takes them through the streets of Annapolis and among the seedy dockside bars of Baltimore, where the harsh truth awaits them.

    A compelling quest for answers, 'Sons From Afar' builds on characters introduced in the first book.

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