Time and Eternity by Nicholas Flynn

By: Nicholas Flynn

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Malcolm Muggeridge's writing dazzles with its prophetic insight, courage and humour. He exposed the terror famine in the Ukraine in 1933, becoming the first writer to reveal the true nature of Stalin's regime - 'one of the most monstrous crimes in history, so terrible that people in the future will scarcely believe it ever happened'. Four decades later, Muggeridge made Something Beautiful for God, which made the work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta - who contributes the Foreword to this book - known all over the world. But this enthralling collection reveals the astonishing range and steadiness of his gaze. Muggeridge seems to have been present at the great turning points of the last century and to have known, and seen through, the pretensions of many of its protagonists. Painstakingly researched from amongst Muggeridge's private papers, journals, letters and unpublished works, Time and Eternity gives a unique and inspirational insight into the professional and private journey of one of the great writers of our time. Nicholas Flynn was a friend of Malcolm Muggeridge in the final decade of his life and is an authority on his work. He is a writer, painter and musician, who has written for Guitar International and The Independent newspaper. He lives in London.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2011

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