Time and Memory: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology

Time and Memory: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology by Unknown

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The capacity to represent and think about time, and the capacity to recollect the past are two of the most fundamental and least understood aspects of human cognition and consciousness. This book throws new light on central issues in the study of the mind by uniting, for the first time, psychological and philosophical approaches dealing with the connection between temporal representation and memory. Fifteen specially written essays by leading psychologists andphilosophers investigate the way in which time is represented in memory, and the role memory plays in our ability to reason about time. They offer insights into current theories of memory processes and of the mechanisms and cognitive abilities underlying temporal judgements, and draw out fundamental issuesconcerning the phenomenology and epistemology of memory and our understanding of time. The chapters are arranged into four sections, each focused on one area of current research: I Keeping Track of Time, and Temporal Representation; II Memory, Awareness and the Past; III Memory and Experience; IV Knowledge and the Past: The Epistemology and Metaphysics of Time. A general introduction gives an overview of the topics discussed and makes explicit central themes which unify the differentphilosophical and psychological approaches.
Publication Date:
26 / 04 / 2001

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