Times Great Lives: A Century In Obituaries

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The Times obituaries have given readers throughout the world an instant picture of a life for over 150 years. For many it is the first port of call in the newspaper. The Times Great Lives is a selection of over 100 of these pieces, reproduced in their entirety, by the current obituaries editor of The Times, Ian Brunskill.This book provides a rich store of information and opinion on the most influential characters of the twentieth century - be they politicians, sportspeople, musicians, writers, artists, pop stars or military personnel. Included are the major figures that one would expect to find in a book of great 20th century lives such as Sigmund Freud and Diana, Princess of Wales. However, there are also some unexpected figures who were not necessarily in the limelight but whose lives have had an impact on the world we inhabit today.Throughout the book there are pictures from The Times archive, some of which have not been seen since the obituary was first published. The Times brings world class journalism and research to this title.
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18 / 02 / 2010

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