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    By: Jo Walton

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    Sequel to 'The King's Peace'.

    The peace of Tir Tanagiri has been bitterly won. After years of fighting against rival kingdoms and Jarnish invaders, the warrior Sulien ap Gwien and her lord, King Urdo, have finally united the nation, through great strength of arms - and even greater strength of vision.

    Sulien is inspired by Urdo's dream of a kingdom ruled by justice, whose subjects are all equal under a single code of law. But where many see a hopeful future for the land, others believe they sense the seeds of a new tyranny.

    Soon Tir Tanagiri faces the terrible blight of civil war, and Sulien must take up arms again. But where once her enemies were barbarian invaders, now they are former comrades and loved ones. And as the conflict tears her country and her family apart, Sulien must fight harder to hold on to Urdo's shining dream.

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